Trisha’s story

Disability Support Services | NDIS Provider | South Australia

My name is Trisha Marie. In 2005 I was a 35-year-old single mum of a 2 year old little girl working full time and buying my first home with my partner.

One night I wasn’t feeling very well and went for a lie down and didn’t wake up for 10 weeks. I had a massive brain haemorrhage which caused a stroke, leaving me legally blind and paralysed on the left side of my body. Eventually I was discharged from hospital and moved into disability housing in the community. I was still very ill, confused and very angry. I was always tol
d it would take between 2 and 10 years to recover from my brain injury. Trish 1

When I first became a client of Community Living Options I was still very unwell and nobody was very sure whether I would get any better because of the extensive damage to my brain.

At the time I was under the control of the guardianship board but with the support of CLO I regained control of my life and got the orders removed. I was taught and encouraged to use the internet. I set up social media accounts and I began to socialize and start to have fun despite my circumstances. It took 8 years to become comfortable with, and understand the need for support workers and a support agency in my life, but with CLO’s emphasis on consistency of support and open communication I have far exceeded all expectations with my

I have a great relationship with my family, have formed new friendships and learned that I can lead a full and happy life as a disabled woman. I have been included in the interview process to choose my own staff, I do my own rosters and I have a voice about who is in my world and who makes my life better. I am now looking for employment through a job network agency and CLO are looking at creating a job to give me a new start in employment, after being unemployed for 11 years to set up the future for my daughter and myself.

An even more exciting future with CLO is about to start where I am not only a client but also an employee. How lucky I am to have been a part of an agency so dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of those living with disabilities.

Trisha Marie