Top 5 Qualities of a Great Support Worker

Being a person centred support worker is one of the most rewarding and demanding jobs. There are a lot of responsibilities and steps that go into supporting another person to succeed. Take a look at the top 5 qualities we look for at Community Living Options.


1. Genuine Desire To Encourage Social Inclusion

A genuine desire to foster social inclusion is something we highly value in a person centred support worker. Social inclusion is the process of improving an individual’s participation in society by enhancing their opportunities to access resources, having a voice and knowing their rights.


2. Person Centered Approach 

A person centred approach is key in supporting participants to live a happy and fulfilling life. A person centred approach is all about putting the person you are supporting at the centre of everything you do. This includes getting to know the person, finding out their goals/dreams and supporting them to achieve everything they wish to achieve in their life.


3. A Positive And Pro-Active Approach

Any great person centred support worker embodies a positive and pro-active approach. This involves thinking ahead and forward planning to deliver the best supports for your participant. This could include mitigating risks and familiarising yourself with plans on how to manage certain risks.



4. Integrity and Honesty 

Integrity and honesty is one of the most important requirements for a person centred support worker. We expect all of our person centred support workers to be trustworthy, reliable and honest.


5. Good Values That Align With Your Company’s

As a person centred support worker, it’s important that you work well with the other members of your team and radiate the same, positive values to present as a united front that your participants can trust. At Community Living Options, we value integrity, quality, relationships, safety, innovation, and rights. When we’re looking for a new person to join the team, we search for someone who shares the same values.


Working with Community Living Options

Community Living Options is one of Adelaide’s leading disability support providers for over 40 years. To explore support worker jobs in Adelaide, visit our website or call us on 08 7221 9550.

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