Support Worker – A Satisfying Career Option

Why You Should Start a Career in Disability Services

Working in disability services is a rewarding career. You get to help other people live their best lives and see the fruits of your labour each and every day. This career is ideal for people who want to inspire other lives, help people, and something different every day. Here we explore a few of the top benefits:


A Great Work Life Balance

Support work is a truly versatile career option. Most roles involve shift work which is offered across a rotating roster. This means you’re able to dispense with the traditional and restrictive 9-5 model.

Plus, if your lifestyle is already based on being social, helping others, and providing community service, then this career plays right into your strengths.


Every Day is Different

A career in disability services offers you a world of possibilities. If you have a passion for supporting people with disabilities, helping them live their best lives, and motivating them to achieve their goals, then it’s likely you’re the perfect candidate.

You are constantly challenged to learn something new, exercise new skills, and interact with different people. Depending on the day, you might facilitate group outings, assist people with household chores, create programs to help participants develop their abilities, or provide an emotional support system. You’ll certainly never be bored!


Getting Satisfaction From Your Job

Being a Support Worker allows you to watch your participants learn and grow. When you feel like your work affords you the opportunity to make a valuable contribution, you will be more satisfied and more excited to wake up every morning for the job. You get to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives and watch the hard work you put in pay off.

Furthermore, if you thrive in social situations, a career in disability services is a perfect fit for you. You get the opportunity to put your sociability to good use and support others harness their own skills.


Exploring Your Support Services Career Options

Community Living Options is one of Adelaide’s leading disability support services provider.

If the reasons above sound like enough to inspire a career change, we invite you to learn more about working in disability services and see what positions are available.

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