How To Get The Most Out Of Your NDIS Plan

How To Get The Most Out Of Your NDIS Plan

Getting your NDIS plan set up is only the first step to ensure you’re maximising its potential. Your NDIS plan exists to support you to achieve your goals and dreams so it’s important to regularly check-in to make sure it’s working the best way possible for you. Here are our top tips:


1) Track Your Spending

Keep tabs on your budget to make sure it’s on track. Spending too much money and not spending enough money both can impact your goals. The good news is that budgeting isn’t too difficult – just check-in at given intervals to see if your timeline and budget align. For example, if you’re a quarter of the way into your plan, you should have only spent about a quarter of your budget.


2) Communicate Your Needs

The more communication you have with your team and your service providers, the better. Service providers want to tailor their services to cater to your specific needs, but they don’t know what those are unless you tell them. NDIS capacity building is a personal process custom-designed for you, so be very open about what supports you would like to take advantage of the personalisation benefits.


3) Partner With A Support Coordinator
If you require multiple services and don’t know what to pursue for maximum benefits, it’s time to consult a professional. Organisations like Community Living Options have NDIS support coordinators to help participants understand which services, providers, and programs support their goals and budget. You don’t have to tackle everything alone.


If you have any questions about your NDIS plan or how Community Living Options can help, check out our website for more information.

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