Excellence a focus for 2020 vision

Welcome to the CLO winter newsletter. June brings to a close our 16-18 strategic planning phase. We are pleased to report that we have achieved nearly 90% of our organisational objectives against our strategic plan, Business safety plan, Disability Action and Inclusion plan and the NDIS action plan. I thank all our stakeholders for their investment in CLO and our outcomes over the past 2 years.

Our teams this year have invested heavily in the NDIS transition and all the work this brings to support fully our clients, families and staff through the transition. The sector recently announced a delay in the South Australian roll out to December 2018, this means that the state will roll over host funding arrangements while the transition continues. We continue to invest heavily in initiatives and information that supports everyone through this unprecedented change. This includes: continued coffee mornings and drop in sessions, staff question and answer forums, email notifications and NDIS customer Services training.

To support best outcomes for our clients and families we continue to be involved in our sector through the National disability Services (NDS) accommodation and workforce subcommittees and the involvement in the positive behaviour support study with the office of the practitioner. The study was undertaken by our highly skilled clinical team who are also rolling out our Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination business model. We have been involved in the launch of workshops for the Quality and Safeguarding Commission set to roll out in South Australia from July 1, 2018. We are working to ensure all our systems and processes comply with the Commission requirements. The commission will be responsible for overseeing: registration and regulation, quality audit processes, national worker screening, complaints, critical incidents, the new worker code of conduct and orientation processes, positive behaviour support and restrictive practices.

We have dedicated considerable time to undertake the Supported Independent Living (SIL) quoting process for our group homes, and am pleased to announce we that we have now submitted 66 SIL quotes with 6 SIL plans approved to date and four new 24/7 service development opportunities in the last period.

SIL (Supported independent living) is the new nationally consistent framework for costing and pricing group homes. The operations and business team monitor via our NDIS/SIL working group the preparation of the SIL pack documents: the outcomes template, participant profile, the property profile, the roster of care and the hourly breakdown template. Ensuring quality and efficiencies in the completion of the SIL will maximise plan amounts for participants. Outcomes reporting is an essential requirement under the NDIS reporting framework. CLO have robust systems for tracking goals and outcomes.

An area of concern moving into the NDIA model and tabled within the sector has been crisis and emergency support systems. We are pleased to announce that we have supported the new NDIA crisis and emergency system by agreeing to be one of the contracted SA providers to provide emergency and crisis support. We are now building capacity to ensure responsiveness to this system in SA.

July will bring our new strategic planning phase and I thank everyone for their participation in our analyses that underpin our strategic direction and objectives for 2018-2020. This included all teams participating in a SWOT analysis, a family survey, the CLO culture survey and consumer standards and choice and control questionnaires. We continue to believe in our Vision for providing ‘great opportunities and a great life’ and now enter a new strategic direction ‘Delivering Excellence’ with our excellent results in the ASES accreditation at both certificate and award level and the implementation of new positions in our clinical team and the Quality/WHS and RTW role we are poised to deliver excellence and demonstrate quality outcomes as we transition into NDIS. It is with pleasure that we now deliver our new strategic plan that extends our key result areas to include ‘Leadership’ and ‘People and Culture’, it is through our leadership and our staff that we will continue to deliver excellence and achieve our goals and vision.