CLO Human Rights and Ethics Steering Committee

This May saw the first meeting of the CLO Human Rights and Ethics Steering Committee.

The aim of the committee is to:

• Make sure everyone understands their rights as they are outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability

• Give the organisation updates on the conventions and regularly share information to keep rights a topic of conversation in all of our sites

• Advertise any disability rights events within CLO and where possible have CLO represented

• Provide feedback on policies regarding how people are supported by CLO

• Review training that CLO has regarding human rights issues

• Give feedback to management and the board

• Discuss issues that affect the rights of people supported by CLO

• Discuss any issues specific to rights anyone brings to the attention of the committee and try to find a resolution or advice to give to a person including providing information on external advocacy

• Speak at the consumer forums about rights, advocacy and ethics

Clients are always welcome to come to a meeting and / or join the committee, so please be in touch with Olivia King if you’re interested.