3 Keys to Selecting Your Support Coordinator

3 Keys to Selecting Your Support Coordinator

People living with a disability are now able to access a wider range of NDIS-supported services than ever before. However, with so many choices and options available, it’s natural that some people will feel a little overwhelmed. This is especially the case for those who need services from multiple providers. Support coordination is available to help you get the most from your NDIS plan and daily life, but it’s very important to find a Support Coordinator that’s right for you. Here are 3 key points to focus on when selecting a Support Coordinator.


1. They put your needs first

Whether you need short-term help sourcing providers (Support Coordination) or you’d benefit from specialist support (Specialist Support Coordination), it’s your NDIS plan and your life, so always partner with someone who respects your decisions.

As NDIS capacity building is designed to help you build life skills and maintain your independence, find a Support Coordinator who’ll guide and support you in making decisions while respecting your independence. Additionally, they should also be objective and make impartial recommendations that put you and your individual needs first at all times.


2. They Communicate Effectively

Communicating effectively not only involves communicating with you but also their ability to communicate with the NDIS and service providers on your behalf. Your Support Coordinator needs strong communication skills to inform the NDIS and service providers what’s working and what isn’t, and what changes need to be made so you get the full benefits of your plan.

Effective communication on the part of your Support Coordinator also ensures that you’re able to fully and equally participate in the planning of your NDIS services and treatment. Your full participation in the planning process is an important right, so partner with someone who’ll help you communicate your needs and ensure you get the most from your NDIS plan.


3. They’re Outcome Focused

A good Support Coordinator will help you identify your goals and work towards achieving them with you, so they should be outcome-focused, motivated and hardworking. What’s more, they should work for an NDIS Support Coordination provider that supports their staff and participants with outcome-focused planning and prioritises achieving the very best outcomes for you as a participant.


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