Introducing CLO’S new Service Development Coordinator

Having worked for CLO for eight years starting in January 2010, I enjoy being a part of making a difference in people’s lives and assisting people to live great lives and achieve their goals and dreams. My experience has come from working across all regions with CLO in various roles working alongside individuals and their families. I am eager to have the opportunity to work in the Service Development Coordinator role meeting many new families and individuals, being a part of welcoming each person to CLO.

It is exciting times during April and May with three new services commencing, giving CLO the opportunity to provide supports to people moving into their brand new homes, as part of the Renewal SA 100 homes project. It is very empowering to have the opportunity to move into a brand new home fitted with smart technology for each tenant to have increased independence. One of our existing clients will also have the opportunity to move into one of these homes. Being in a position to support each person navigate through this process is rewarding.

The Service Development Coordinator role includes hosting NDIS info sessions in our Metro, Southern Metro and Fleurieu regions. These are information sessions for people in the community as well as our own service users to give the opportunity to have information in readiness for preparing for the transition to NDIS. Changes do come with challenges, the info sessions are a great place to gather have your questions answered and meet others also navigating through change. Our coffee morning information session dates are on our Facebook page.